I am an Authorised Clinical Psychologist providing services in English to children, families and individuals in Copenhagen. 

I hold a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I maintain my registration with the Psychology Board of Australia, and am approved to practice as an Autoriseret Psykolog (Authorised Psychologist) in Denmark by Psykolognævnet. This means many clients with private insurance will be able to claim a rebate for my services. I am passionate about the dissemination of evidence-based treatments, and maintaining a standard of excellence in my profession, so I love to teach and mentor interns and new graduates and value opportunities to be an active member of my professional associations. I am on the board of the Danish Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (SAKT), and am a member of the PCIT International Development Taskforce. I am published in the areas of thought suppression and treatment of infant sleep problems. I am a registered TRICARE provider for US Military personnel and families.

I specialise in providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) – one of the most widely researched and evidence-based treatment methods in psychotherapy. I have particular expertise in the treatment of insomnia and sleep difficulties in adults, children and infants, providing psycho-educational assessment, and treating behavioural difficulties in young children.

I am a guest lecturer for Copenhagen University and The Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) in the areas of sleep, child clinical psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). I provide training and supervision for other professionals and psychology interns, which you can read more about on the student clinic page.

I believe professional development is an essential, and ongoing process, therefore, I regularly attend international training workshops to learn new skills and treatment approaches, and I keep up to date with the latest research presented in scientific journals. I also receive consultation from international experts in my network. You can read more about my qualifications and professional development here.

I completed my training in Australia, before spending some time living in Bangladesh, and then settling in Denmark in 2012. I worked in private practice in Australia and Bangladesh before moving to Copenhagen, and have experience working with children, families and individuals from many different cultural backgrounds.

I have personally been through the ups and downs of moving, living as an expat, and integrating in Denmark. I also know what it’s like to have two ‘home’ countries and how this affects the important moments in life. I am married and have two small children.

I work in a cooperative group practice, with a group of highly qualified international psychologists at The Little White House on Ørnevej. This collaboration allows us to provide comprehensive care to our clients, utilising the expertise and experience of our colleagues and referring within the practice when it can be of benefit to seek the opinion or services of another expert. We have found this to be particularly valuable for couples and family work, where several of our psychologists can work as a team to provide individual and family/couple therapy in a complimentary way, to achieve better outcomes. Confidentiality is always respected, and if you choose a team approach, we will discuss the boundaries of the information exchange, and an exchange of information consent form is signed before the process can begin.