Service                                                                                                                  Fee  DKK

Standard Consultation (50 minutes)                                                                    1,100

Extended Consultation / Family Therapy (80 minutes)                                       1,650

Short phone or email consultation (5-14 minutes)                                                100

Consultation in the Student Clinic (50 minutes)                                                    400

The following services are billed at 275kr per 15 minutes, or part thereof:

Phone or email consultation (15 minutes or over)

Preparation of reports, letters, treatment plans or other documents

Reading/reviewing past reports, notes or assessments

Case conference, parent/teacher meeting

Travel to school, home visit, meeting etc.

Clinical or Behavioural Assessment*

Psycho-Educational Assessment*

* Please discuss your individual situation with Dr. Jackson, fees can vary depending on your needs.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellations must be advised by email or SMS at least 24 hours before your appointment or the full fee will be charged.


As an Authorised Psychologist, consultation fees will attract a rebate from most private insurance companies. Please contact your fund for details.

Dr. Jackson is approved by  Sygeforsikringen ”danmark”,  Modern Health, and TRICARE for the US military. Other international insurance has also been approved in the past. Please contact your fund for details of your policy and coverage.